Taking the hospitality sector by storm with his innate skills and sales & marketing prowess is Willy Hobal.

The already successful entrepreneur is at the forefront with his charity organization as well to provide free education to kids and the youth.

The world is not enough for people who with their perseverance and passion set out on a journey to turn their life into something which they always dreamt about. All these dreams make an individual take that first step into action, which eventually helps them reach the goals and desires of their life. With innate skills and an inclination towards the hospitality sector, Willy Hobal, from a small town of Sosua, belonging to a humble family, completely turned his life by becoming an entrepreneur, changing the face of the hospitality industry with his abilities, charismatic personality and competency in sales and marketing and being the man behind the exponential brand popularity of independent luxury hotels across European markets.

His over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry has made him convert unknown hotel names into brands and have given them the path to keep succeeding in their ventures through his skills to devise better sales & marketing plans and strategies that can make these hotels experience the new highs in their business.

In 2020, where most of the other companies and entrepreneurs have struggled to sustain their position and momentum in their respective fields, Willy, on the other hand, founded his company called ‘Hobal Luxury Collection.’ Not fearing what the pandemic can do, Willy kept moving ahead to fulfill all his aspirations in life, which he dreamt about even as a kid. Being a creative marketer and a high-performing individual in the sales & marketing sector in the world of hospitality, all these years of experience catapulted him to becoming the leader he is today with ‘Hobal Luxury Collection’, that promises to promote and represent luxury independent hotels in the European markets.

His experience through all these years in the industry upped his confidence to taste success even as an entrepreneur to not only achieve success for himself, but also for all the luxury hotels he would work with and the hospitality sector as a whole. Being at leadership positions in sales & marketing, he developed wholesome approaches that could upgrade the sales process.

Various qualities of his in the industry have led to the rise of his company and him as an entrepreneur. His experience in delivering to the client, digitally and in person, his human connexions, allocation of tasks to teams, and his prowess to build and develop relations with all involved in the process, proves why Hobal deserves the status and the position he has achieved today as a dynamic entrepreneur.

He jumped into becoming an entrepreneur amidst a pandemic, as he could ingeniously design the hotel representation company, he dreamt about always. Gaining so much hands-on experience in the field over the years and improving upon his skill set, Hobal through his company has made it its aim to bring together destinations, luxury hotels and luxury curators across Europe.

Through a host of robust sales and marketing strategies and approaches, Hobal Luxury Collection has helped luxury independent hotels to double their revenue and ameliorate the brand recognition in the European markets.

What sets Hobal apart from the many other entrepreneurs in the industry, is his genuine intention to make a difference in people’s lives through providing quality and free education to the children and youth of Latin America. For this, he initiated his charity organization called Tiempos de Bondad Foundation, where he serves as the founder and the President of the Board. So far, Hobal has also contributed to many other organizations as well.

The way Willy Hobal has set out his journey into the entrepreneurial world and making a difference being a humanitarian as well is what inspiring the world truly means. Follow him now on Instagram – to know more about him. Or, follow him on Facebook – / Twitter –

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