More and More People are now using Duke Design and Packaging Specialists

Packaging is as important as products. And Duke design and packaging specialists offer excellent advice and services in the matter. The company provides free design services when required and has free and fast delivery services in US and Canada. This is a good news for all the businesses that are looking for a packaging company at a reasonable price.

Duke Packaging services provide a range of custom boxes ranging from candle boxes to cigarette boxes. They also provide bookmarks. And the ink they use is 100% eco friendly. Hair extension boxes, display boxes and craft boxes are the top three best sellers of Duke Packaging services.

Their range of products also includes boxes based on style and industry. No matter your needs, the company caters all your needs according to your industry.

Choosing Duke is a smart choice because it gets your work done at a reasonable price. Moreover it keeps track of market trends and consumer preferences. Which gives you an added benefit while designing your product package.

Package is important to garner the attention of customers. And the custom boxes by Duke Packaging takes good care of this fact. Package is the first thing the customers see even before they see the product. Duke Packaging Services also offers consultation services for free. You get professional advice from experienced designers without investing a dime.

Given the rising environmental awareness, Duke pays attention to details. They are concerned about the environment. That’s the reason they use eco-friendly biodegradable cost effective materials for mass producing boxes.

In the pre order stages the company provides mock up designs of the package. Once it is approved, there is mass production as per the number required in the order.

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