Tony Robins to Explain His KBB Method in Free Online Event

Tony Robbins is widely regarded as one of the most influential success coaches in history. He has advised presidents, world-class athletes, and top CEOs, and he has helped millions of people to transform their lives with his techniques.

Usually, a ticket to a live Tony Robbins event could set you back thousands of dollars. But in his next annual event, as an added bonus, Tony will be providing free tutelage alongside Dean Graziosi, and Russell Bronson. You can sign up online to reserve your seat.

What’s more though, is that Tony, Russel, and Dean will be explaining their famous KBB method, (The Knowledge Broker Blueprint),  for generating huge figures. This has been billed as the guide to exposing a “secret $35 million industry.” The best part is that the model they’re putting forward is completely passive once you’ve put in the ground work: you can generate millions of dollars while you sleep!

How Mastermind Groups Generate Income

Knowledge Broker Blueprint training and the event itself are centered around what is known as the “KBB Method.” This stands for “Knowledge Broker Blueprint,” which is essentially describing a form of “Knowledge brokerage.”

In essence, you’ll be earning money from a mastermind group, which allows you to offer immeasurable value to your clients, without being required to exchange your time for money.

What is a Mastermind Group and What is a Knowledge Broker?

For those not familiar with the concept, a mastermind group is a group of extremely knowledge and intelligent individuals, who each share their knowledge with the rest of the group.

Mastermind groups are often used in business, but they can likewise provide guidance in any other area of life: from dating, to money, to physical health. This is a brain trust, where the knowledge of each participant helps to prop up and support the others.

Imagine if you were invited to a private group with some of the leading, most influential figures in your industry. Imagine if you could talk to top authors, YouTubers, business owners, and researchers – each of whom had something unique to share about the niche you were working in.

Imagine how many new ideas, how many new opportunities, and how many new insights you could gain.

This is precisely the concept behind a mastermind group, and once you are invited, you will likely find that your success skyrockets in any given domain.

But the point of the KBB Method is not simply to join a mastermind group. Rather, it is to create and market one that you can then profit from while others get to enjoy the success that it brings them.

How the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Works

The KBB Method starts like a simple plan to become an influencer: to build a popular network of websites, YouTube channels, and other platforms. You’ll do this by finding a topic that you are

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Bonuses

passionate about and that truly resonates with you. From there, you’ll be able to market and grow that platform in order to gain more and more readers and followers.

As this happens, you’ll attract other experts and creators in the field. These will be your VIP members, and by inviting them into an exclusive group, you’ll be creating a melting pot of some of the most amazing minds. This is a group you can benefit from immediately: you’ll have your own mastermind group that you can use as a sounding board for any challenges, problems, or topics that you wish to discuss!

This is a group that can offer immeasurable value, and it’s one that you now have exclusive access to. The next step is simply to sell that access.

Why Knowledge Broker Blueprint is Game Changing

This is a strategy that many other influencers have been using for a long time to generate massive income. This is why Tony Robbins describes it as the secret $35 billion dollar industry.

And it makes sense too: people who make a lot of money online do so by providing information, knowledge, and ideas. They offer skills and advice that other people need, and they charge for that knowledge deficit. By outsourcing and crowdsourcing that knowledge, you can essentially offer multiple times the amount of value to others. This is the true power of building a mastermind group and another bonus of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint training course from Tony Robbins.

knowledge broker blueprint reviews and bonuses

And what’s more, is that once you have your mastermind group, it will run itself. You can take holidays, travel the world, and lie in in the morning. Meanwhile, the mastermind group will generate a recurring income that will help you to grow and expand your empire.

If you haven’t heard of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint method, it’s because it’s so powerful that a lot of top influencers want to keep it to themselves. Now Tony is exposing the strategy completely for free, and by joining the event, you’ll learn the exact blueprint you need to follow to make it work for you.

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