Entrepreneur Mohamed Said Guedi is Running Various Successful Businesses for over 35 years

Globally famous entrepreneur, Mohamed Said Guedi, is running various successful businesses. He has experience in almost every industry as an entrepreneur and business owner. Mr. Guedi is in business line for over 35 years and his experience is giving inspiration to many youngsters. He is an expert in many areas ranging from FMCS to telecommunications and distribution and logistics.

Mohamed Said Guedi has an exceptional knowledge of business planning, quality of products, creative sales techniques, and innovative marketing. All these aspects of information are helping him to grow several businesses from start-up to millions in annual sales. He is recognized by clients and colleagues as a dedicated professional with a high degree of personal sincerity. Mr. Guedi is also famous for spreading passion for excellence which is proving as a talent for him.

Mr. Guedi’s key reason behind a successful career is his outstanding communication and presentation skills. He is familiar with market’s ups and downs which is helping him to create an effective presentation and profitable negotiation. He is the chairman of Independent Tobacco FZE since 2004. It is an independent tobacco-growing international company and is engaged in the manufacturing of many tobacco products. The company is producing and marketing a variety of brands created to satisfy a number of consumers.

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