A new Salon Opened Recently on Market Street in Atherton, Manchester

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A new salon is open for girls on Market Street in Atherton, Manchester. A business-minded lady Tanya Lloyd has launched the salon, Glamour Girl, for all city girls. Tanya Lloyd had sold her company Stringfellow Estates in July to buy a three-story property where her office was situated.

There is a commercial unit on the ground floor of the building where Tanya’s Glamour Girl salon is now situated.

Tanya had bought the three – storey building along with her partner Denis Robinson. Denis Robinson manages the property and completed the renovation work there. Tanya has worked for nine years in the building for her previous real estate business.

She is very dedicated to her hair and beauty business. She was looking for a business opportunity to execute her dedication. The Glamour Girl salon has been opened for four weeks now and it is witnessing a large crowd of customers every day. And she has found great solace in an efficient salon software, that is helping her connect with clients regularly.

Similar to her, if you are looking for running your hair or beauty business, you would also need help of a good software that would manage bookings and appointments for you. Her salon is following a great standard of hair and beauty business in the renovated place of the town center. Glamour Girl salon has started wide range services including nail, hair, laser hair removal, skin tag removal, and nonsurgical treatments.

Earlier, Tanya had completed a beauty industry course from Northwich before opening the salon. Currently, there are seven employees in Glamour Girl salon that are offering a range of beauty services.

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