Beyonce Knowles Vs Kim Kardashian-West: Plastic Surgery Faceoff

Beyonce Knowles is a music icon, responsible for many of the most empowering pop, hip hop, and R & B hits of the 21st century. Her songs have inspired millions of women to be more independent and commanding of their lives. Among those inspired by Beyonce is Kim Kardashian-West, the starlet socialite originally famous for belonging to the famed Kardashian & Jenner households. 

Kim K, as she is commonly known by many, is more than just a celebrity – she is a fashion and beauty businesswoman, and has made a multitude of business endeavors in her life. Being known in the public sphere for health and beauty can have its consequences, as evidenced by the amount of attention Kim receives surrounding her outfits. Being viewed and critiqued by millions can be stressful for anybody, and the pressure to always appear stylish and fashion-forward must come with a high amount of anxiety. This could be why Mrs. Kardashian-West has decided to borrow fashion ideas from other noted female celebrities, notably Naomi Campbell and Beyonce Knowles. However, some fans believe that Kim has been stealing more than just Bey’s looks – they think she’s been stealing her face as well

Did Kim Use the Best Plastic Surgeon New York Can Offer?

Yeah, you read that right. Fans across Twitter and Instagram have been accusing the pop culture phenomenon of using plastic surgery to enhance her features to the point of Queen B herself. While you may scoff at the idea, Kim has proven herself to be quite a fan of Beyonce’s, and has borrowed fashion ideas from her before. Obviously, she stays up to date with whatever Beyonce thinks a good look is. However, using plastic surgery is a level beyond just stealing a gown idea – that’s a permanent commitment. 

If Kim did use plastic surgery, then she would’ve had to work with some stellar professional talent to achieve good results. Plastic surgery, when done cosmetically, is usually trying to enhance one’s natural features, not morph someone’s face into somebody else’s. Beyonce’s iconic nose, lips and eyes seem like one-in-a-million features, and for Kim to successfully imitate them she would have to get the best treatment. As is, it’s unclear where Kim sought her plastic surgery needs, but there are only a few cities in the US that she’d likely go to, and New York is probably on that list. 

What Does Bey Think? 

Beyonce and Kim famously don’t have a good standing relationship with Beyonce and her husband Jay Z famously writing the Kardashian clan off around this time last year. While this was directed more towards Kanye’s support for Donald Trump, Bey wasn’t too happy with Kim’s own visitation to the Oval Office, after which she remarked “I have nothing bad to say about the president.” Beyonce hasn’t directly responded to claims that Kim is trying to copy her style, but the reason for that is obvious – millions of people copy Beyonce every day. If she acknowledged all of them, she’d have no time to herself. 

Either way, this mysterious transformation rumor is not all hype. Compare some of the images of plastic surgery done by Dr. Sachin Shridharani, a best plastic surgeon NYC based celebs use.

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