Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding announces Basquiat inspired album Hollywood Afrikans by Artist/Producer/Actor Revelation 13:18

Artist/Producer/Actor Revelation 13:18 is working on debut Jean-Michel Basquiat inspired album Hollywood Afrikans under his Music Film Clothing and Literature Lifestyle Brand Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding, Inc. re-introducing at-risk youth to the golden age of hip hop experience with the Nation of Gods and Earths known as the 5 percenters revelation propagated throughout the world.

Paying homage to the New Afrikan movement Hollywood Afrikans is an abstract expression through poetry of real issues of adversity including education, gang culture, mass incarceration, addiction, mental health, religious incertitude and escaping poverty with progressive methods of economic survival.

After releasing Old School feat. Jean-Michel Basquiat and Revelation 13:18 x Basquiat EP gaining attention from Jay-Z and inspiring a Basquiat Broadway Musical he has made his staple in the entertainment industry.

Hollywood Afrikans inspired by Basquiat’s 1983 painting Hollywood Africans is a creative project touching on social commentary that Basquiat used in his paintings creating a conversation that last for ages.

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