iStaunch’s CGPA to Percentage Calculator is Proving to be a very Helpful tool for CBSC Students

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iStaunch’s CGPA to Percentage Calculator and Converter tool is helping many students for calculating percentage from CGPA without putting them into the burden of manual calculation. This tool is easy to use and focuses on saving the time of the students. CGPA to Percentage Calculator has been primarily developed for The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) students.

CBSE announces the result of class 10 and 12 according to the continuous and comprehensive evaluation system in the form of CGPA. CGPA by CBSE is for encouraging students in more reasonable thinking. But it is a little bit hard and important for students and faculty to know about the new grading system to analyze the overall performance.

Hence iStaunch has developed this tool to calculate the grades from A to E which fall in a different range of percentages. Grade E represents “fail” while other grades represent “pass” in a particular subject. Most of the students are finding difficulty with CBSC’s new way of mentioning the CGPA on the report card.

This tool is proving to be very helpful for the students. A large number of CBSC students are using this tool to calculate and know about their performance. CGPA to percentage calculator by iStaunch is not only helping the students but it is also proving to be a great tool for CBSC school teachers. One can use it for multiple times free of cost.

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