Jason Maxfield’s Endeavor with Forex Forensics

Forex Forensics is one of the leading trading educational sites, that helps you develop the skills needed to become a successful trader. Launched in August of 2018, Forex Forensics has grown to help spread knowledge and training required to build consistency and increase the value of your investments.

The company was founded by Jason Maxfield, who originally started off as a car salesman at the age of 19. After discovering Forex and the opportunities that came with it, he went onto founding “Forex Forensics.” Jason wanted to share his knowledge and experiences with the world, and impact as many lives as possible. In an interview with the founder, OneWorldHerald got to know some glimpses in his life, that led to the start of this company. Here we will share his point of view with our readers.

Jason Maxfield shared with us, “While as a salesman, I was content with how everything was going, until one day I met a young entrepreneur who came into town. That entrepreneur opened my mind to what I thought was impossible. He ran his business from his phone on the go. Meanwhile what took a month of work to obtain, this 21-year-old made in a day.”

“He had the true meaning of freedom, the freedom to do as he pleased whatever, whenever he wanted to. At the time I was working 8:45 am until 8pm, 5 to 6 days a week. I realized it was something I needed to change, so I spent the next two years focusing on myself and building up my network. Learning from mentors nationwide, I got into trading Forex during the boom in Bitcoin. That’s when I discovered Forex.”

“I had found a passion for trading and realized it’s what I wanted to pursue. Wanting to share my experience with the world, I started to put together what is now the company ‘Forex Forensics’.”

This company provides education for investors of all education levels. Whether you know nothing about investing or have some knowledge but need more guidance. Forex Forensics offers all the education you will need to start trading. Various benefits include a lifetime membership, integrated community and more. Forex Forensics is always updating their content to help provide the latest information and techniques to help you build as a trader. You can check out their website for more information about the company and how trading can benefit you.

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