There are Innumerable Reasons why AdPlexity is Becoming a Favorite

AdPlexity is being considered the leading Ads Spy tool to spy on competitors’ work. There are features and filters of the tool that allow to find the tiniest details of profitable ad campaigns worldwide. The user can easily maneuver around the platform and then download promo materials like banners and landing pages of the popular ad networks they like/want, along with ad exchanges from more than 70 countries.

The spy tool is compatible with all gadgets and all the major platforms like Windows, PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android too. This tool helps the user get a better idea on what ads are successfully running in the marketplace in over 75 countries including almost every major country. The tool also provides real-time insight on campaigns running on the desktop, mobile ads exchange, and Native Intelligence.

The users can easily uncover profitable campaigns and scrape ads promoting affiliate offers from 100+ affiliate networks. They can also download each landing page with page dependencies ( images, CSS, JavaScript and more) plus write in a .zip on their user interface and can easily search keywords, advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks.

AdPlexity has the feature of downloading landing pages and tracking campaign running on pop-under ads. The tool will be able to monitor 1000s of ads for the user running on the adult websites as well. That is one of the reasons why adplexity coupon codes are becoming popular too. You can click for adplexity coupon code here. The countries covered by the toll includes major countries of the world plus the less competitive countries too so it has almost the world under its scope.

The tool uncovers all of the campaigns running on 120 carriers traffic from all over the world so one can see which are the best ads making it good for affiliate marketing. The tool has ultra-fast search so the outcome of search is received within fractions of seconds saving a lot of time.

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