Steven Basalari Says Creating A Team is Crucial

Entrepreneur and nightclub owner Steven Basalari (@stevenbasalari) got his start in business after taking over his dad’s nightclub and has opened up multiple nightclubs of his own since then.

He runs one of the top e-commerce businesses in Italy generating over $500k in a single month.

Basalari also runs “Drop Evolution,” a coaching business that helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their own e-commerce dropshipping business. He’s passionate about helping people start their entrepreneurial journeys because he wishes he had the same kind of coaching when started.

Basalari’s biggest regret is not seeking help from experts early in his career.

“I thought I knew everything,” he says.

He says he underestimated others but has learnt the importance of building a cohesive team of employees and diverse minds.

Basalari looks for specific mentalities when building a team. He values employees who buy into his vision and are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the team’s ideas to fruition.

“They need to have a positive attitude and a strong sense of ethics,” he says.

Building a team is how Balasari plans on scaling his e-commerce and coaching business. He says he’s a big fan of delegating tasks that take time away from the high producing activities.

“I recommend outsourcing tasks as soon as possible as a business owner so that you can scale your company faster,” he says.

Before starting any business, Basalari believes one must have an entrepreneurial mindset. He says when entrepreneurs are willing to deal with challenges, make quick decisions, and accept total responsibility for everything that happens within their business, they will find success.

“Entrepreneurs are always willing to learn new skills, improve their habits and gain wisdom from their mistakes,” says Basalari.

He stresses the importance of taking action.

“Being unafraid of taking action and putting themselves out there is most important,” he says. “People can spend all the time they want reading books and courses, but the real knowledge is learned in the trenches of building a business.”

Basalari notes that someone can have all the skills and knowledge in the world, but if they are applying it to a business model that is hard or difficult to succeed with they will never win.

“Finding a proven business model is more important than trying to do something innovative or crazy at first,” he says. “Once an entrepreneur has a business going that brings in consistent cash flow, they can start going after bigger ventures and trying to hit home runs.”

For most beginners, Basalari says it’s important to find a proven business model and learn the skills necessary to succeed in that business.

He is proud to make an impact globally.

To keep up with Steven Basalari, follow him on Instagram.

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