Keeping Kids Happy During COVID-19

As a parent, the health, safety, and happiness of your children is the most important thing to you. You want them to grow up to be confident, kind, and thoughtful individuals who can succeed in whatever they put their minds to. Keeping them safe and happy is a priority that is always on your mind, and one that most parents worry about daily. It can be difficult in a world where cyber-bullying and the pressures of perfection on social media seem like a constant assault, but now, in 2020, the world also faces the danger of COVID-19.

Kids have lost out on months of school, unable to see their friends, and have been stuck indoors. Even though some are returning to education and restrictions are lighter than before, there are still those who are choosing to stay at home, or as a parent, you might have restricted their movements to reduce the risk of infection. While this is a sensible thing to do, how can you keep your kids happy and entertained while they’re stuck indoors? Here are some ideas that might help.

Have Fun at Home

Find ways to have fun as a family at homes, such as having movie nights or competitive games. You could even arrange a scavenger hunt or build a fort somewhere in the house which would be fun for the whole family. Despite what’s going on in the outside world, take the opportunity to reconnect with each other and laugh as often as possible. It will help to put your kids at ease, and you might find some relief in doing this, too. Look at this list of coronavirus essentials that includes fun games and other entertainment to keep everyone happy.

Teach Them New Skills

You might have been helping them with their school work over the last few months, but there are other things you can teach them that might be a little more fun. For example, teaching them how to bake and cook is an important life skill they need to have, but they will love eating the delicious treats afterwards. Or perhaps showing them how to do some basic gardening if you have one? There is a long list of new skills you can teach your kids that they might not learn in school, so why not take the opportunity to pass on some of your wisdom?

Arrange Virtual Playdates

You and other parents might not feel comfortable having your children spending too much time with each other, as often young kids don’t listen to social distancing rules. If they miss their friends, but you want to keep everyone safe and healthy, why not arrange a virtual playdate? They could play games online together, and they’ll be happy to be able to see and speak to their friends.

It can be tricky to keep your kids happy and entertained if they’re stuck indoors, but these tips might help you manage to do this if you’re sticking to social distancing and staying safe at home.

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