Meet Jahn Don, a Haitian Music Artist, whose New Album ‘Tha Sawce’ Brings a New Sound to the Rap Game

Jahn Don, a rap artist based in Haiti is bringing a new sound to the rap game with his exceptional work. He has released his debut album “Tha Sawce”. This new album contains both uptempo trap beats and slower tempo lo-fi sounds.

The debut album, “Tha Sawce” comprises 12 songs that dictate a lot about Jahn Don’s personal life. And the album inspires listeners to hustle, struggle, and emerge victorious in life. The emerging music artist has worked with many international producers to release his new music album.

Jahn Don has used his Haitian accent and it is something that is helping him stand out as a unique artist in the music world. He has taken inspiration from rap legends such as Future, Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy. But he personally considers Otis Redding as his favorite.

The music artist struggled a lot to set his foot in the music industry. He had to leave his native place, Haiti to learn music. Initially, he only considered music as a form of therapy but later pursued it religiously. He is working with many producers from China and across the UK to produce soulful as well as smooth music.

The music artist, Jahn Don has utilized his unique voice to create an album with a variety of rap songs into it. One can listen to album songs on Spotify by clicking the link below.

Album “The Sawce” on Spotify

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