From Marketing to Music: How Graham Kramer is Breaking into a New Industry

It’s oftentimes a goal for people to become a successful entrepreneur, content creator, musician, etc. The list goes on and on, and people seem to lock in their sights to one specific industry. But why stop at one industry when you can tackle more and create an empire? This seems to be the mindset of Graham Kramer, who, after tackling the marketing industry, is now locked in on taking over the music scene.

Graham Kramer at his core is a marketing genius. His work through his marketing agency Kramer Advertising has seen major clients across many industries including MTV, Allergen, Rolling Loud and more. In addition to his marketing talents though, Graham has always had a love for music, honing his musical talents behind the scenes for many years. Now, with his marketing career being beyond success and his musical talent ready to take on the world, Graham is taking the leap into the music scene.

Graham has just released his first EP “Emotions” this May. The EP consists of two tracks, featuring the gorgeous vocals of Jade Millions. Using his past experience of branding and managing social media for major music festivals, in addition to connections he’s made in the industry, Graham hopes to hit the ground running with his fresh releases. Graham has in the past ghost-produced and written for top 10 radio acts and certainly has the talent to succeed. Paired with his marketing skills, there is no question that Graham will find what he’s looking for.

You can listen to Graham’s music here:

You can find Graham on Instagram here:

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