Up And Coming London Star Gushy Makes His Debut With “Stepping Stones”

With tons of rappers entering the London scene every day, very few have come on as strong as Gushy and his newest release of “Stepping Stones”. This heartfelt single has recently been the talk of the town as the song speaks directly to his now thousands of listeners.

The song is an emotionally venting track that speaks of Gushy’s rise from a place of darkness to doing better each day. This marks a standard for the new London artist as he begins to create a reputation of someone who wants to help his fans. In a recent interview with Gushy, the rapper said, “I never want anyone to feel the way I did, but if it ever comes to that stage then I hope my current and future projects can help them get through the tough times.”

With all these positive intentions, this shows that Gushy isn’t just focused on rapping about getting rich. Instead, he sets out on a mission to help his community around him through music.

Listen to “Stepping Stones” here:

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