Megan Riff is one of a kind Travel Influencer, who Loved Travel so much that she Moved to Croatia

Megan Riff is a travel influencer, who has close to 11k followers on the photo-sharing platform of Instagram. For as long as she can remember, she has loved traveling. She loved traveling so much that she and her husband Jonathan, moved to Croatia. Megan Riff and her husband are from South Caroline.

Both of them have a passion for traveling. It was Jonathan who visited Croatia for the first time in 2006. He was young back then, but the experiences he had, left him wanting for more.

He had always wanted to go back and settle there. When Megan and Jonathan started dating, he proposed the idea of moving to Croatia. Megan was iffy about moving to a different place and settling there. However, the love for travel won, and they settled in a quaint fishing town of Zaton.

Megan’s Instagram feed is full of vibrant pictures from around the world. She travels vigorously with her husband to various parts of the world. Megan and her husband prove that even tourists can become responsible citizens. Both of them settled in Croatia, built a home, married and had a baby there.

Her Instagram handle is @Mrhdaily. Where she proclaims her love for traveling, she also said that- “The waves of the sea help me get back to me.” Megan believes that traveling will enrich your experience. It will help you discover yourself, and it’s the best way to know your partner.

Megan and Jonathan have traveled to many countries like Indonesia, Slovenia, Thailand. They plan on going to many more beautiful destinations once this fear of Covid-19 settles down.

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