Meet Nathan Chase Plummer, An Author With The Body Of An Athlete

Nathan Chase Plummer is not only an author but also a fitness enthusiast. He is widely popular for his illustrated Children’s book called “The Boy Who Loved Unicorns.” The book is about bravery, imagination, and self-acceptance. He has three published books under his belt, the beloved children’s book, and two fun and cheeky Look Great Naked cookbooks, the Original and the Seafood & Cocktails.

His passion for fitness pushed him towards trying healthy recipes. And in his fitness journey, he created gourmet recipes that are healthy and taste delicious. His cookbook is titled “Look Great Naked Cookbook.” It has recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes. Nathan has calculated the calories and the macros in the recipes, so the readers do not have to worry about it.

His cookbook has extended into a YouTube Channel. Nathan hosts the show on his channel, and his fun friends and they create the famous recipes in the cookbook. He has two more installments of the Look Great Naked Cookbook series underway and a full-length gothic novel.

Nathan’s book The Boy Who Loved Unicorns has become quite a phenomenon among children. It is a book that promotes Anti-Bullying. Children nowadays struggle at school and fail to communicate. This book teaches young people to accept themselves and embrace their feelings.

The author of the book, Nathan, wrote it for the sole purpose of uplifting little kids. He says that he wrote the book to encourage love and acceptance among kids. And help kids find their own courage.

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