You can be a Good Runner on a Vegan Diet

Many people are moving towards veganism by taking a plunge to a plant based diet over animal products. Researches are now pointing out that a vegan diet not only benefits the planet but serves as a performance improver for the marathon runners too. The days to look down at vegan diets because they don’t provide enough protein are long gone. Ultrarunner Scott Jurek affirms the research and feels his vegan diet is the key to his unreal performance abilities.

Cutting out a major food group and all its by products will definitely have an effect on the body. One will need to derive nutrients from other source and supplements. There are many plant based foods to get protein from like nuts, seeds, quinoa, grains and beans which are all great natural sources of protein. There are many vegan protein alternative available in the market from vegan protein bar to crisps made out of all exotic vegetables- kale, broccoli, beetroot that help provide nutrients to vegan athletes.

In addition, there are various vegan protein powders available in the market that are great source of protein packing over 20 grams of protein per serving. They are made of soy, rice and pea protein mixed together to create a complete protein powder. They contain all 9 essential amino acids for growth and development of muscle in the body. Distance and Marathon running require top nutrition to achieve targets and protein is a key factor when looking at post-run recovery.

Eating more plant based foods helps lose weight. Fruits and vegetables transforms not only the body but also mental health. Overall being is transformed by the essential minerals, vitamins and fibre from these digestion aiding and cell growing food. So a right choice needs to be made about the source or the supplement to compliment the training. Balance is the key.

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