MRI/CT is taking Services of Altibase for Solving all their Needs under Single Database

MRI/CT, which is a global medical equipment manufacturer, is using the services of Altibase for different purposes. MRI/CT had done rigorous testing for many months among ten DBMS leaders, and then it had chosen Altibase in 2011. Altibase is capable of solving all of its needs in a single hybrid engine. MRI/CT is a global leader in medical equipment manufacturing, and it is based in Japan.

Before adopting the services of Altibase, MRI/CT was suffering from many problems, and it needed a solution to maintain a competitive advantage in the field of medical imaging and equipment. Increase in data load and skillful planning of equipment compelled MRI/CT to look for a DBMS solution. The company was using old equipment, and this problem was complicated. Other companies were adopting advanced medical equipment and making the competition tougher.

After testing for four months, MRI/CT had chosen Altibase in 2011, and to date, it is using Altibase with its hybrid architecture that is solving all its needs under a single database. Altibase brought many reforms in MRI/CT such as it is allowing to benefit from innovative and cutting edge software. MRI/CT is now enjoying many features of Altibase to set the new product in major imaging modality markets.

Altibase was founded in 1991, and it has been bringing data solutions for many firms in South Korea. It is working on numerous government and semi-government projects. The company now has more than 650 global enterprise clients including 8 Fortune Global 500 Companies and over six thousands of mission-critical deployments.

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