The Ace VIP Announces New Villas in Mykonos

The Ace VIP has made an announcement to introduce new luxury villas in Mykonos island in Greece. It has been observed that the villas for large groups or families with more than required amenities are available through The Ace VIP platform. Depending on the priorities, villas with high or low privacy can be booked to fit with family or friends. It offers facilities to organize special occasions such as weddings,  anniversaries, bachelor parties, and engagement parties.

Villas namely, villa Megan, villa Leonardo, villa Aphrodite, and villa Supreme are in high demand among all the visitors on The Ace VIP platform. One can check out the villas by visiting the online platform of The Ace Villas. All the villas listed above are highly spacious with the required number of bedrooms and bathrooms for different guests. Access to amazing views and swimming pools makes these villas all the more exciting to stay. And the proximity to basic amenities such as restaurants, beaches, pubs, supermarkets, and bus stops makes them all the more popular.

Villa Megan is fully equipped with the latest technology audio-video systems, high-tech alarm systems, and fully air-conditioned spacious area. On the other hand, Villa Leonardo is near to a town that makes it a favorable place to stay. It is built with a cyclidic architecture style that gives it a fascinating and luxurious look. Villa Aphrodite is a suitable one for those who want to have privacy in traditional architecture with modern features and infrastructure.

Villa Supreme is a good choice for people who want to stay near the beaches and take part in water sports activities. There are many more villas that have been introduced by The Ace Villa to provide an opportunity to businessmen, families, and other guests to have a comfortable time during a vacation.

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