Mirrex’s Smart Makeup Mirror helps to Charge Phone and take Selfies

Mirrex smart makeup mirror has been on the shopping list of a lot of ladies from different corners of the world. The endless possibilities and excellent features it provides are the popular reasons for the high popularity of this smart mirror. With the installation of Angel Lux light source, it is possible to take selfies with it even in weak lighting conditions. And the best part is that it supports the wireless charging of a smartphone at a faster rate.

Mirrex mirror makes use of wireless charging and portable charging function to charge a compatible phone in a limited time. This allows women to charge his phone at any time of the day with the use of this smart mirror. Its built-in ring lighting, wireless charging, touch controls, selfie support, and ultra-lightweight features make it a popular vanity mirror among ladies.

One can use it to charge a compatible smartphone at any time with the use of a wireless charger. The vanity mirror’s lighting features allows a person to use it at any time of the day to perfect his complexion. And it is safe and easy to carry in the bag for it is made of carbon fiber which prevents it from getting damaged. Its ultra-lightweight makes it easier to carry from one place to another.

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