You can now Clean Reclaimed Tiles Yourself too, Experts Share Tips

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Tile is flat pieces of baked clay which is used for covering floor or wall. Though there are various types of tiles are available on the market but reclaimed tile is one of the renowned ones. Mainly tiles are used for making a house more beautiful and eye-catching. And in this case, reclaimed tile works so effectively. Though tiles make a house more attractive but the fact is it gets dirty very quickly that’s why you need to clean it most often.

Do you use reclaimed tiles in your house? If yes, then you also know the importance of cleaning it. Although it is a tedious task to clean, but if you take the right approach you will be able to clean it very easily and in a short time. In this article, we will discuss the cleaning process of reclaimed tiles. So, let’s start to discuss and you’re welcome to read this article.

Some Important Elements:

Before starting to clean the reclaimed tiles, you need to use some materials. Those are…

  • Adhesive Remover
  • Gloves
  • Chisel
  • Putty Knife
  • Warm Water
  • Plastic Spray Bottle

Make sure that, you have these elements when you starting to clean the reclaimed tiles.

Cleaning Process of Reclaimed Tiles:

Once you decided to start working, make sure that the working place is properly well-ventilated. It is necessary to get rid of all hardened adhesive so that the tiles get completely flat position to re-laid.

  • At first, fulfill the plastic spray bottle with warm water and then immersing the glue on the back of the main tile. If the adhesive includes organic mastic then you need to find that the water starts to soften it. As it is an adhesive softens, you have to use a putty knife so that you can carefully and properly scrape it off. Give some time to work on one tile at once so the water doesn’t dry out before you’ve had opportunity to expel the softened glue.
  • Now, you need to apply a proprietary adhesive remover on the first tile to its back part. When you apply it, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully. If you can locate a natural item that is either soy or citrus extract-based, you won’t require as much ventilation.
  • The time that this will take shifts, contingent upon the item so be patient and continue checking the glue until it’s mollified.
  • At the point when the glue is delicate, scratch it away utilizing a putty knife
  • If you run over any tiles that have hard spots of cement, you’ll have to make an increasingly intense move to expel it. Spot the tile on a delicate, well-cushioned surface to avert breaking. Take an etch and cautiously wear down the obstinate cement, holding the etch at a slanted point with the goal that the tip applies weight to the underside of the glue.
  • Now, repeat the same procedure sketched out above on each tile. At the point when every one of the tiles is free from cement, flush them under warm water to dispose of any residual sections of adhesive.

Final Thoughts:

Cleaning tiles is an important task who uses tiles in their house. Reclaimed tile is such an excellent type of tile which most of the home owner want to use. This article is all about the process of how to clean reclaimed tiles. Hope, it is helpful for you to get the overall idea.

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