AiroAV – Mac Computers Vulnerable to Java & Flash Plugins

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World’s number one cybersecurity provider to Mac computers, AiroAV, has considered Java and flash plugins reasons for major problems on Mac computers. The company has considered mac computers vulnerable to java and flash plugins. AiroAV has suggested users to avoid installing flash player, java, Silverlight and acrobat because they can be exploited by scammers easily. According to AiroAV, each plugin you install in Mac computer increases the potential attack surface. Hence the company has advised to not install the flash plugin in the system.

Basically, the flash plugin might look and feel right, but there are many things that can’t be seen about them and AiroAV is continuously bringing them in front of everyone. They contain some malicious software and viruses that are in-filtering important Macs of many private and government organizations. AiroAV has also found Macs vulnerable to Java due to some reasons.

Java is an outdated language and it has now become more compatible. Due to its compatibility with every program, it is one of the reasons for attacks. AiroAV finds Macs vulnerable to Java and it has also suggested not to use it at all. Airo labs has designed an antivirus program for Mac users which protect their vulnerability to java and flash plugins. In addition, Airo antivirus is capable to scan tons of website in a few seconds. Its AI technology can avoid any cyber threat and does not let any security breach to steal important data.

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