A Learning Program is Helping Children to Grow their Reading Skills

Learning to read is becoming a milestone in the life of every modern child. It has now been set as an imperative that children are taught to read as early as possible. Studies have found that children who read early are performing better in school and it is giving them a tool necessary to pursue long term success. There are a variety of different ways that the parents are using to make their children’s future more bright.

Jim Yang, an educator, has developed a program for small children learning how to read. The learning program is proving to be one of the best reading programs on the scene and producing some exciting results. It is designed for toddlers and is suitable for a child at two and a half years of age. The system is utilizing a step by step strategy that is making learning fun and easy for children.

The learning to read program is enabling parents to teach many fundamental components. Phonics is the baseline of the program that is helping children to grow their learning skills after identifying the meaning of words associated with each word and letter’s corresponding sound.

Phonemes is another fundamental component of the program which is similar to phonics but it works more specifically on the sound type. Phonemes are the smallest area of an individual sound that is helping children to differentiate sound closely. This program has been used by thousands of parents for enhancing their children’s reading skills and a large number of parents are willing to use it for a better future of their children.

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