Bitcoin Crosses $9000 first Time in Last One Year

All the top 20 cryptocurrencies are showing continued growth in their value and share in the market. Bitcoin has again proved its worth at the topmost position after crossing $9000 threshold on Sunday first time in more than one year. Though bitcoin was down till afternoon, at the last round, it was $9100 and left the competitors far behind from its mark.

The market of the currency is 22% more in the past thirty days, and increment in the market in the past one year is 142%. The number reached by the bitcoin on Sunday was the highest number after May 2018. Earlier, when bitcoin had boomed the cryptocurrency market in 2017, at that time its value was $19,000.

Bitcoin rise has boosted the cryptocurrency market again and left its competitors far behind as ethereum ETHUSD is at +1.23%, bitcoin cash BCHUSD, +1.82% and litecoin LTCUSD -0.46%. Bitcoin is at +2.60, which crossed its value above $9000.

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