“I Hope You Know” Artist Kel has Come to Limelight for his Excellent Vocals

The artist Kel has been making a lot of news for his deep meaning song, “I Hope You Know.” He has done excellent work in the song with his vocals and listeners are flocking to Kel’s Spotify channel to listen to the song. “I Hope You Know” features Joe Saans, who is known for his Indie music acts across the world.

Listeners have been praising Kel for his deep understanding of music. Kel is a resident of the Kansas City Metro area and he started working into the production world in 2014. And in the year 2016, he started writing songs and got famous as an artist.

“I Hope You Know” is a slow-burning and dizzy song featuring Joe Saan in it. The former has given excellent vocals and the latter’s autotuned verse has made the song all the more interesting. The song mentions the deep feelings for a person and the failure to achieve the true love of that person. Kel has embedded the crux of the rough experiences that he went through throughout the year.

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