Bill Payment Service ‘doxo’ Announces its Tie Up with Apple Pay

SEATTLE – doxo, a bill payment service, has decided to tie up with Apple Pay to facilitate bill payment without keeping the credit as well as debit card details of customers with it. The company will use the iOS platform to ensure payment of monthly bills with over 45,000 billers. In Apple Pay, the payment credentials are stored on the iPhone instead of saving credit card number as well as billing information on an online service.

The bill payment service, doxo has announced that its main priority is to ensure the security as well as the privacy of its customers. And it also said that Apple Pay doesn’t store the personal as well as the financial information of customers with it. This is so because a unique token is assigned, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element on the device. Each transaction is carried out with the help of a one-time dynamic security code. Also, it was announced that there will be no changes in the rewards or benefits offered by credit and debit cards on payment of bills with Apple Pay on doxo.

doxo is a popular bill payment service which is free to use and associated with many billers such as AT&T, Chase, State Farm, to name a few. Due to the availability of Apple Pay on the web, it is possible for billers to add support for online payment in the near time. With the tie-up of Apple Pay with doxo, there are high chances that Apple Pay will be in huge demand for various bill payments.

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