doxo to Allow Checking Real-time Balance to Ensure Overdraft Protection

Seattle, WASHINGTON – doxo has announced that it will bring Overdraft Protection bill to help people check Real-time Bank Balance while paying bills. The company said that this will help in increasing transparency as well as reduction in the bill payment cost. With this step, doxo will expand the all-in-one bill pay capabilities and would help customers get rid of expense as well as the repercussions from accidental bank overdrafts.

doxo gives consumers the ability to pay more than 50,000 billers on a single login on any device with the use of credit card, debit card, bank account or Apple Pay. The total overdraft amount usually crosses $34 billion in a year. So by adding real time bank balance visibility to each transaction, it will not only reduce the stress for consumers but would also lead to increasing the confidence of billers while receiving payments from customers. Although it will be difficult for billers to keep pace with these new capabilities and innovations, they would be able to add this overdraft protection feature in order to benefit their users with much complexity.

Allowing consumers to see their real-time balance will help them understand the importance of financial freedom and also it would increase transparency in their financial life. After this step, the account overdraft problem in the US will be easily checked with the use of tools to provide real-time insight into consumers’ own bank accounts.

doxo allows secure payments through this single login system and there is no condition to link away to various sites. This new real-time, verified balance feature will be unveiled at Finovate 2019 in San Francisco for some limited beta users and its expansion to other doxo users will take place in June.

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