Growing Use of Smartphones by Children is Increasing the Concerns of Parents

While parents assume their kids who are under 16 spend just one and a half hours on the phone daily, in reality, their kids spend 3 hours on the phone. That is double the time assumed.

It may seem like parents are highly misinformed. Sometimes it is easy to let kids use the phone when a parent is busy or wants some quiet time. But the increased use of smartphones and tablets by kids lead to many problems.

There are cases of cyberbullying, visiting the adult content website, and body image issues that kids face. If there is no regulation or parental phone monitoring on the usage of mobiles, the kids will face significant problems ahead. Parents can use some steps for cell phone monitoring like the use of Mobisafe, to prevent the unrestricted usage of phones.

Firstly, they can physically moderate the use of smartphones. Using security like phone monitoring app, fingerprint locks on phones, and giving it away to children only for a few minutes a day sounds like a better option than buying them their phones.

A parent must decide when their kid needs a phone, only then can they buy them one. Most of the  Kids in the US have a phone when they are 12. It is essential to check their phones from time to time, so they don’t visit dangerous websites.

Other than physically barring the kid from visiting harmful websites, parents can control the router level. They can block adult websites and malicious websites, so their kids can’t access it.

Nowadays, kids are also becoming victims of cyberbullying. It affects the mental health of a kid and causes depression. To avoid such situations, parents can check on their social media accounts and still respect their kid’s privacy.

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