Handing out Menstrual Care Kits on Medical Trips are Helping out Girls in Developing Countries

Many organizations are now handing out menstrual care kits on their medical trips to make the lives of girls comfortable in the developing countries. Menstrual hygiene is of vital importance for women. But women in developing countries do not have the luxury to lead a safe and hygienic life. That is why they suffer from diseases. Lisa Buchholz of Kansas City is a pharmacist and she travels to developing countries on several medical mission trips.

This fierce lady started the initiative of Rounding up Undies. And it is all about creating menstrual care kits and handing them down to women all across the developing countries. Each menstrual care kit, has three underwear, soap, some pens and a whistle for case of emergency. All these items are in a hand sewn bag, from fabrics that are donated.

The Geo Care kit is also important part of the mission. It carries washable and reusable pads that can last up to a year. Moreover, it is a better alternative to share biodegradable and reusable pads with the women.

Lisa’s next mission is in India. In India, women throw away 432 million pads a month. Imagine the amount of menstrual waste piling up each year. That’s why this initiative hits two birds with one stone. It helps women have menstrual hygiene in developing countries and it also helps decreases menstrual waste.

Rounding up Undies has a target of 500 women in India. They want to reach as many women as possible in rural as well as urban area. But for this mission, they need 1500 reusable pads, 1000 soaps, 500 whistles and 1000 Giocare bags. They are looking out for donations to help them in such noble case.

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