CBD Possible Panacea for Pain and Addiction, Soon-to-be-Published Research says

CBD is all the rage pretty much everywhere these days. It’s become incredibly popular with people battling pain, anxiety, insomnia, aches, and other chronic troubles. But the question remains: Does CBD oil really deliver the benefits it’s purported to offer? A soon-to-be-published review attempts to answer that question. 

A couple of clinical studies demonstrating that CBD oils are safe and effective have been published. However, Mayo Clinic researchers say that more research on the effect of these products on humans needs to be done. Before then, no one can say without doubt that CBD oil has efficacy, or that it’s 100% safe. 

But there’s a growing pile of preclinical and clinical evidence suggesting that CBD oils may bestow a few benefits. According to , these products may help with opioid addiction and provide respite from chronic pain. Hemp oil and CBD may help also counter inflammation. They may also help treat insomnia and resolve anxiety. It’s these findings that researchers at Mayo Clinic are planning on publishing in September, 2019. 

However, Brent Bauer, research director (an intern) for the organization’s Integrative Medicine Program, thinks it’s too soon to celebrate. According to him, it’s premature to assert with authority that these products are portent. Or that they won’t have any harmful effects on consumers. 

In fact, the University of Arkansas has published a study suggesting that using CBD could actually harm people. The study revealed that using these products may elevate one’s risk for liver toxicity. Plus, the FDA hasn’t approved them. 

But that’s not stopped people from using CBD oils. Actually, demand continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. People are increasingly turning to hemp oil and CBD to address chronic pain. 

Different forms of CBD including tablets, creams, topical oils, and sprays are available on the market. It’s important to note that only Epidiolex is approved. Epidiolex is a purified form of CBD used for treating severe types of epilepsy. The FDA approved it on June 26, 2018. It’s always advisable to have your doctor know you intend to use these products. 

Maybe legalization of cannabis for medicinal use has something to do with this development. That said, it appears consumers are getting benefits from these products. Why would any right-thinking person become a return customer for a product that offers zero benefits? Surely, there must be a compelling reason these products have become a powerful consumer trend. 

The benefits remain unproven, though, and many healthcare professionals will likely continue dismissing them as a faddish phenomenon. But Dr. Bauer encourages medical experts to increase their understanding of CBD. He also advises them to not ignore their patient’s growing interest in these oils. 

The review Mayo Clinic researchers are about to publish summarizes the latest scientific studies on CBD and help oil. The study describes the legal status of these products. It draws conclusions that’ll excite current and future CBD users. According to the review, these products may help relieve chronic pain and also help manage addiction.  

But will the FDA ever approve CBD products? Maybe they will. Hopefully, they won’t take forever to make that decision. With research increasingly uncovering their benefits, approval doesn’t seem impossible.  

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