Cherry Servers has Renewed its Website and Client Portal for the Best Virtual Server Service

Cherry Servers, which is one of the leading European Infrastructures for providing cloud services, has recently renewed its website and client portal for improving the user experience. The new changes would help the company bring flexibility when the customer will order and use cloud services.

The company has converted its website into an amazing web application by significantly shortening the loading time and introducing new functionalities. Customers can now use server filters and save their configuration.

Arturas Lazejevas is the CEO of Cherry Servers. He said that the company is working towards making the cloud platform automatic to use. As Bare Metal infrastructure of the company is famous for its simple operation, website and client portal are also much enhanced now. The cloud-native world today is facing a lot of complexity but Cherry Servers has employed the best user testing practices throughout its cloud platform and brought constant improvements.

Cherry Servers’ Bare Metal cloud is the virtual server which is a perfect solution for DevOps engineers to handle future performance-hungry applications. With Bare Metal Cloud, customers can benefit from increased compute efficiency due to single-tenant cloud infrastructure. It can be handled and easily customized with the high-intensity workload.

Cherry Servers is Europe based Bare Metal Cloud vendor that is offering private cloud infrastructure to small and medium-sized businesses at cost-effective solutions. It has specialized cloud infrastructure and hardware-level control that is serving the modern era.

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