Free Vitamin Checker App CareClinic is helping Users to Take Improved Diet Related Decision

CareClinic mobile app allows people to keep track of their vitamin and mineral intake for making better diet-related decisions. It is capable of showing all nutritional deficiencies to a user thus be able to concentrate on eating more nutrient-rich foods. CareClinic app is working as an excellent nutrient log tracker for the users after tracking only vitamins and minerals.

Users are getting monthly reports offered by CareClinic to improve their diet and customize nutrient targets at the same time.

The CareClinic health app is available on Android and iOS. It is experiencing a large number of downloads every day. Biohackers are creating a personalized nutrient target and adapting diet accordingly after using the features of this app. CareClinic Vitamin Tracker is making sure that the users are sticking within the daily recommended intake.

It is allowing them to set additional targets. This application is proving great for tracking nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in accordance to each person’s needs.

The app contains the biggest database of supplements, vitamins, and minerals, and suggests users which one is good for them. CareClinic health app is allowing many other checks such as a sodium tracker. Users just need to enter the foods they consume on a daily basis along with the intake of sodium and set a maximum limit to be reached. Then it will provide the best result for body sodium check-up.

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