FDA has Announced Dual Column Nutrition facts label on Some Single Eat Foods

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Federal food regulator, Food and Drug Administration, has set a new rule that will help consumers to know how many calories they are consuming after eating food products such as ice cream and chips. FDA has announced that the food products that have two to three servings must contain the label with complete nutrition information.

This information will be in accordance with the single-serving and full serving of the food products. The food products that could be eaten with a single sitting will also contain complete nutrition value.

Food manufacturers have to design a dual column label for some food products so that they can fulfill the order of the FDA. Claudine Kavanaugh is the director of the nutrition and food labeling in the FDA, and she said that the dual label is required on those products which can be consumed in one meal. This announcement of the FDA is not a recommendation on what to eat or not.

American people are habitual to eat different kinds of food. They need to know the number of calories and nutrition they consume through the food. The new labels on some foods will provide them such information.

Dual column nutrition facts label will also help the consumer to optimize their diet plan and they will consume only those number of calories that they want. People in Michigan are also visiting to order healthy and nutritional food. Healthy food has become the highest priority in everyone’s life today. The new rule of the FDA is applicable to all those food makers who have the least annual sale of $10 million.

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