Kids Can Also Learn Creative Writing at Home

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Creative writing in kids can be taught by making them interested in reading. Reading will teach them language structure and open a new world to them. Parents can get a subscription of a kid’s writing magazine. Some magazines accept submissions from children. Parents can encourage them to send in their entries. The published stories will give a boost to a child’s confidence. Writing will become more thrilling. If the story isn’t published yet, it gives a child something to aspire. Writing comes alive and becomes vibrant for them. Parents can also enroll their children to creative writing classes that will further boost their skills.

Design or allocate a place in your home or garden for the kid to write in. The kid can choose a place as per their comfort. This special place will trigger their brain and encourage them to write more regularly. It can be a desk, a corner, a place in the garage. Anything that they can call their own.

Stationery of their choice will also make a big difference to creative writing for primary school children. The child can choose comfortable pen and paper and have their own materials in a small bag or box near their writing place. A small bag can be made for them to carry to local writing seminars. They will look forward to going to them. If the library doesn’t have a workshop for writing submit a letter to start one.

Meeting other kids who write and teachers who can guide them, children will be encouraged to write more and in a more structured way. Parents can of course listen to their kids stories but a new audience will encourage them more. Also sometimes parents become biased and compliment the kids too much about their writing work. This can go wrong way. In workshops, people will have no such obligation. A child will learn to hear truth and invariably write truth.

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