Keel Associates is Allegedly Plaguing the Debt Consolidation Industry

Keel Associates, which is a debt consolidator, has become a bad news for people now. It is a part of the Tribal web of debt consolidation web sites that is plaguing the debt consolidation industry. There are many scams coming forward against Keel Associates that is making Keel Associates a bad creditor. Consumers are filing lawsuits against the debt consolidator after becoming victims of its unfair services. Keel Associates is mostly reaching out to US citizens who are incapable of managing their debts securely. 

The reviews of the company show that it is running a deceptive business and spoiling the credit score of consumers. It is claiming to cover all debts such as medical debts, educational debt, a personal loan through a single debt consolidated loan. But its monthly installments’ interest rate is much higher than expectations. Keel Associates Loan is forcing people to pay high-interest rate monthly installments when they are already in narrow financial conditions. Financial experts in the US are suggesting loan seekers to not take chance with Keel Associates. 

People who have a low credit score, are becoming victims of unethical services of Keel Associates because they are incapable of getting a loan from a trusted source. The company is targeting such low credit scorers and offering them debt consolidation loans at low-interest rates. But at the end of the day, they are facing more financial burden. The debt consolidation loan is a great way to let all the debts covered by a single creditor. But wrong creditors like Keel Associates are evolving in a large number in the market. Consumers should be aware of getting lured towards such debt consolidation offers.

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