VisaFoto is Making Correct Photos for the US Diversity Visa Lottery

Founded in 2013, VisaFoto is an online platform that is serving people with its unique photo making tool for multiple applications and form submissions. It has created more than 100,000 passport and visa photos for different countries’ applicants with a pass rate of 99.2%. VisaFoto is managed by experienced developers who have a lot of experience in visa and passport photographs for the US, Canada, India, China, Russia, UK and lots of other countries. Apart from visa and passport photographs, it is making photos of all documents for all countries.

Each year more than 50,000 people apply for Diversity Visa Lottery, that is also known as Green Card Lottery in the US. But many of them get rejected due to an incorrect photo. VisaFoto is helping thousands of such applicants who are seeking Green Card Lottery in the US. It is taking part in the process of lottery and filling out application forms on behalf of the applicants including making and submitting a photo. It is focusing on getting a correct photo for the DV lottery.

When you make Green Card Lottery photo with the help of VisaFoto, it does not exceed 240 KB. VisaFoto is making sure of the correct size of the US visa and passport photos and maintaining the pixels 600×600. It is also making sure that head size and the eyes height are correct while the background is plain light for making a photo within 240 KB.

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