Many Indian Couples are now Opting for Gift Registry

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Young Indian couples are now looking at the western idea of gifting- A Gift registry. It is a wish list of gifts they curate and share with friends and guests invited for the celebrations. This popular phenomenon of the west is gaining weight in India too. Websites are tying up with marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Home Centre, FabIndia and several other popular gifting stores. The couple now selects any number of products or gift cards from these websites and create a wish list to share with the guests who purchase & gift them to the couple.

According to WishSprout, an online wedding gift registry, the new generation wants things their way and they are looking at waste free wedding. It a win win situation for both parties as even guests won’t have to break their heads over guessing what gift to buy. Wishsprout is a specially designed registry for millennials and younger generation who are about to get married. The reason this registry is gaining popularity is due to its hybrid approach of being a gift registry and social media in combination. 

Once the registry is ready, a URL created by the website is sent to the guests via mails and messages, or even social media. There are different payment modes from UPI, Paytm, to of course the credit/debit cards. Company also looks after the packaging of the gifts and delivery to the couple.

The gift registry websites are on the rise in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai since last 1.5 years. Now companies are also making gift registries for baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, graduation parties etc. There is also an option of cash fund where couples ask cash which can be spent on honeymoons or other desires of the couple. But there are cultural barriers to such trends as its fairly new concept in India. People are conservative and asking for gifts or cash can be seen as aggressive by families. With some more time, the trend will catch up and it’s quite practical for everyone.

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