Here are Some Ideas to make your Last Minute Summer Weekend a Success

Now is the right time to organize a spontaneous weekend away if you couldn’t manage to make any travels or plan any adventure this summer. Here are some tips, tricks, and recs needed to plan the perfect quickie holiday.

Don’t try going ‘big’. Instead stick to a local location trip like some place that’s around 50 miles from home. It will cut down the travel time and keep the trip cost effective. Ensure you have family friends to have a good time with. Weekend gateways are more about memory making and relaxation than about exploring places. Try doing something out of the box with couple of close buddies just near the city.

The trip can turn into a road trip too if there are sufficient drivers in the group who are non- alcoholics. Put a great music playlist for the road and pack some delectable snacks and play fun car games and the weekend is made. Choose locations or plan a vacation with added amenities like places near a beach/ river/ lakes/ waterfalls, or volleyball playing space, card- carom game room, or man-made water body –a swimming pool anything that the group fancies. There can be drinks and movie marathons to keep the group involved. Make a list of favourite films or catch new films at the local theatre together. Various group games like scavenger hunt, housie, hide & seek can be played too.

Make the memories stay by clicking all the crazy fun pictures with the buddies. Take candids, group pictures, food pictures for social media. Add quirky hashtags and let the weekend become most memorable for everyone.

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