Survey Shows more eCommerce Sellers are now using Custom Mailing Boxes

Every eCommerce business across the world is today focusing on implementing an effective ecommerce shipping strategy. In the wake of heavy competition in the eCommerce industry, taking care of shipping has become a priority for almost every business. That is also a must if an eCommerce business has to stay in the race.

And amidst all the effective strategies, the popularity of custom printed boxes is attracting eCommerce sellers the most. They are using the custom printed mailing boxes to complete orders of their clients anywhere in the world. eCommerce sellers are enjoying several benefits of using them and increasing their business. Fast delivery and green printing are the primary reasons for sellers’ inclination towards such packaging or mailing boxes. People today are becoming conscious of the environment. And due to this, many companies are shifting to green packaging in order to put less stress on the environment and make deliveries faster. Moreover, the businesses are also going with custom printing when it comes to packaging boxes.

Due to such boxes, now it has become easy to market any new product to the audience, or convey the modification in existing product to people, with the help of custom made printed mailing boxes. In addition, these boxes are assuring consumers about the product’s durability and authenticity.

The team at OneWorldHerald went on to survey various residential and commercial complexes in a few major cities around the world, to know about the benefits of eCommerce services people are enjoying these days. The team conducted real face to face conversations with people of almost all life stages during the survey. Along with this, the team also got filled several online surveys regarding the same.

And after analyzing the results, we came to the conclusion that approximately 82% people believe now the shipment of products has become more secure in terms of eCommerce sellers. Previously they used to find their products broken, torn, or in an irregular shape. But now these custom mailing boxes are really helping the companies deliver products in right shape and size. In addition, they are tough and look good as well. In addition, superior offset printing on these kind of custom boxes is also attracting the people towards eCommerce brands. That is why eCommerce sellers are focused on using such custom boxes everywhere possible.

The printed mailing boxes are popular in eCommerce and are known with various names such as mailer boxes, postal boxes, corrugated board, cardboard and kraft cardboard. All these forms of boxes are used to carry fragile items safely and securely, and transport them from source to their destination. Their durability and ability to withstand the climate change is excellent. And they are much cheaper than other types of packaging available in the market, especially plastic boxes.

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