Now you can Hire a Person to Add/Remove Someone from a Photo

There are apps out there which claims to remove a person from a photo. But, they just claim. The last thing you’d want to have in your photo are the traces of the removed person. I have not seen any app either on App Store or Play Store which removes a person and leave no trace.

In a world where you can find everything online, you can also find someone who can edit photos for you. I was trying to google out anyone who can remove my ex from my photos. Luckily, I found someone.

I was a bit concerned about privacy because I don’t want my photos to spread across the entire internet and be used as a material to create memes. I contacted him and asked him whether he’ll share the photos with anyone if I send them to him. He confirmed that my photos won’t be shared with anyone without my permission.

I straightly sent my photo to him. He used Photoshop and partially edited my photo for free. Guess what? I was amazed. The work was flawless. I told him that I want to move forward and then he sent me a PayPal invoice. I paid the invoice within minutes. Within 1 day, he edited all of my photos and sent them back to me.


If you’re wondering who’s that guy then you can find his services at TrickyPhotoshop photo editing service. His pricing starts at $2.99 per photo.

Fill the form on that page and he’ll get back to you within 24 hours (doesn’t matter even if it’s a weekend).

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