ISET Agency Brings Success to Brands, Bosses, and Businesses

Founded in 2018, ISET Agency has seen tantamount success in only three years as a business development agency with a special niche for branding excellence and public relations expertise. Founder Adelheid Waumboldt, a member of the Forbes Business Council since 2019, has found the special algorithm of matching strategic growth of brands, bosses, and businesses through development initiatives with the simultaneous promotion and publication through media systems – sharing good news with the world as it happens, and leaving clients satisfied to the highest calibre. Her history working on Wall Street, with UHNW family offices in both Manhattan and the Middle East, and her experience as a gallery owner has garnered her access to the inaccessible with an unparalleled rolodex and business acumen.

The agency, who have made notable partnerships through the years, represents clients from a multitude of disciplines. In the world of music – ISET Agency promoted adult contemporary artist Fuller French with a combined initiative in branding, social media, advertising, and music distribution, which landed him spots on the top 40 chart for his singles “Champagne Rendezvous” and “I’ll Leave a Key by the Door.” Other music clients include world renowned pianist prodigy Kento Masuda, Maestro to the Vatican and Scott Howard who in 2020 will release a multi-faceted project including a book, similarly titled album The Language of Clouds and merchandise that promotes a positively charged aura. 

World renowned Los Angeles music producer and ISET partner StayBent Krunk-a-Delic, who has worked with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Sean Paul, Nelly Furtado, and City Girls (to name a few) said of ISET Agency, “ISET Agency is absolutely my go to on any projects that I am working on. The combination of Adelheid Waumboldt’s brilliant creative mind, impeccable business acumen, vast networks and deeply warm personable relatability are traits that resonate powerfully with me. Being a creative myself, the ability to vibe and connect with others is important, and that connection was instantaneous. From the moment we were introduced and had the opportunity to exchange ideas, I knew that ISET was the agency to work with, and the partnership I was looking for to assist with strategically planning, and executing the launches of my projects. I absolutely recommend working with ISET for effectively taking any projects or products to the highest level of exposure and potential.”

A prolific writer, ISET Agency’s President is known to handcraft the most notable pieces of a client’s portfolio. Her work can be seen on California Republican candidate for governor, Major Williams’ website biography and within the Energy section of his stipulated policy for the State of California. She additionally writes for publications like Forbes, Grey Journal, Thrive Global, and a host of others with the ultimate intention of controlling the narrative and hand delivering the messages of her clients to the outside world in a package that is relatable, digestible, and with powerful syntax and lasting neuro-linguistic programming.  ISET Agency is known to develop stellar strategic plans that include branding, notable alliances & partnerships, marketing and advertising, content building and social media development, sales, distribution, and public relations in a one-stop-shop firm of the future.

This year, Lori Copeland, a 20 year veteran of Billboard Magazine and the Hollywood Reporter joined the firm as the VP of Business Development. She has had a multitude of experience in the entertainment industry working with brands, talent direct, agents, managers, recording artists, political candidates, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, networks, etc. on advertising, marketing, and event activations.  Her expertise lies in assisting clients across many vertical markets including music, publications, films, and philanthropic organizations such as St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, SAG-AFTRA Union, the Children’s Diabetes Foundation,  Barbara Streisand Women’s Heart Center, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and many more. Copeland has served on the Event Committee for the American Cancer Society’s Giants of Science, and Cal Spirit events. Recently, she worked with Easter Seals of Greater Los Angeles on a custom panel at the Billboard Live Music Conference. She partnered with SAG/Aftra to create a custom event at Avra Beverly Hills which honored the Emmy nominees from 2019 including Henry Winkler, the entire cast of This is Us, Louie Anderson, and others.  Rounding out the year she partnered with Loyola Marymount University to build a scholarship program for underprivileged youth from the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles program. “We are beyond delighted and honored to have Lori join the agency,” said ISET’s President.

ISET Agency is the only Los Angeles firm whose team has completed successful deals in crude oil, precious metals, medical devices, music, film, fine art, franchises and more. Their track record speaks for itself, and clients continue the word-of-mouth magic with rave reviews and often, a return with their latest project or development. “We are here to leave a legacy of good in our wake,” says ISET President Adelheid Waumboldt. “We know how to build winning businesses. We have done it for ourselves many times over and it is our greatest pleasure to see the success of our clients, which in turn is our success as well.  Stay tuned for some incredible new ventures that are in the works.”

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