Mural Artists Express Solidarity by Painting Murals at Home and Displaying them Virtually

Art and artists have been growing in the quarantine period. Be it musicians, painters, writers, filmmakers, actors et al, everyone is making and creating something everyday in this lock down period all over the world. The same goes for mural painters all over the world who have been doing their best to keep themselves, their mind and their audience engaged by making murals at home and documenting it.

Since last couple of weeks, mural artists have been painting murals in their homes as a part of the global art project Home Mural Fest. Artists from across the world are participating in the fest and are putting out their finished products for the world to see online.

The exhibition of art has become virtual now. The mural art is on display from various artist homes and the fest has been organized by Void Projects based on an idea by Copenhagen-based artist Jacoba Niepoort. The artist said that this time should be considered an opportunity by both the coordinators and the artists and they should come together to give new art to the world.

The important fact that the fest is bringing forth is the solidarity the artists are aiming to express with the world. The art has been created in solitude and shared to public. 60 artists have joined the fest till now and new are joining in. They have been painting murals on everything from living room walls and kitchen floors to garden sheds and bathtubs and sharing the works via the #homemuralfest hashtag on Instagram.

The mural festival has bought artists together virtually and they are coordinating, discussing, displaying their art from whichever place they live in. Geography is no boundary now. Everyone is connected virtually to fight this pandemic and display their resilience. The fest is also symbolic of the fact that nothing can stop the art or the artist from creating.

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