Now You Can Upgrade the Hiring Process with AI Integrated Gamified Assessments

When almost all the procedures and activities have been upgraded to the next level with the incorporation of artificial intelligence, recruitment is no exception. For ages, the pre-hiring process is said to be a predictor of on-job performance of a candidate. Job assessments and recruitments thus need to be error free to a possible extent.

Today, many fast growing industries and innovative teams are stepping towards a smart approach in their recruitment processes. Recruitment assessment through gamification and a preprepared  AI endorsed system is getting more common as its benefits are remarkably noticeable. Realizing the need for time and popularity, many software development companies in Dallas are showing interest in developing a modern automated recruitment system. It’s high time for businesses and professionals to apprehend the importance of gamified assessments in candidate screening.

Candidate Screening With Gamified Assessments

Gamification is a way of making a strategy or a process more engaging and lively that it feels more like a game. Due to its versatility in vast fields, gamification is being used at different platforms, including recruitment, marketing, brand promotion, purchase, brand awareness, and others. In recruitment, Gamified assessments have made the conventional boring processes of hiring more fun, precise, interactive, and accurate in identifying the true aspects of a person to fit the position. Gamified assessment is a combination of psychometric tests and gaming elements that makes the tests engaging and amusing. Moreover, it offers users with greater information about the performer.

One of the most enjoyed and enticing advantages of gamified assessments is that it is easy to use for both the employers and the candidates. So, how to use gamified assessments for candidate screening? In a game-based recruitment process, initially, the interest is activated through social media and other platforms to convey the desired message to the audience. In the next step, candidates’ application and basic data are gathered by asking a few questions on a job portal. After collecting the information, gamified assessments are used to assess the candidates. The assessments are developed in a way that it evaluates the candidate’s ability in story-based real work-life scenarios. The use of gamified assessments offers employers greater and significant information about the performers. Also, employers can start making use of software that is efficient in assessing the capabilities of candidates according to the job requirement.

Benefits of Gamified Assessments for Candidate Screening

The widespread popularity of gamified assessments in candidate screening is due to its versatility and precision in screening. From Google and Umbel to Unilever and Coca-Cola, companies are including gamified assessments in candidate screening to make correct evaluations of the candidates. Let’s have a look at some foremost benefits of software based assessments in the hiring process.

Correct Evaluations

In a conventional recruitment process, it may happen that candidates get nervous, especially if they are fresh and so become unable to portray their true self and abilities. A high-potential candidate can be rejected because of their temporary nervousness and due to the wrong judgement. In a physical examination or interview, some really capable candidates get nervous and are perceived as underperformed ones.

By performing in the AI integrated game-based on assessments, candidates enjoy and give their best in a relaxed and fun way. With gamified assessments, candidates are provided with a platform to present their true abilities, and the employers are enabled to find correct evaluations of the candidates.

Wide Audience in Lesser Time

In a traditional method of recruitment, the employers go through lots of resumes to find the right fit for a single vacancy. While sometimes the employers lack enough candidates to choose from because of being unable to reach a wide audience. By making a data base of candidates through online assessments, companies have more options of candidates for a particular position. Since more people are willing to attempt for a game-based assessment, it gives employers the benefit of reaching a wide audience in lesser time and with easy access.

Further, in an online recruitment assessment, candidates are not required to be present physically at the company to appear in the assessment. It is more likable for the candidates to give an interview assessment while sitting at home.

Reduced Human Errors

Human bias is unavoidable in so many cases. Often the resumes have too much to read that it fades away the value of the right information. Sometimes too little content on the resume or the absence of attractive and precise layout keeps it away from the selection. With gamified personality assessments, all the candidates are brought on the same level playing field. Gamified assessments evaluate a candidate according to what they score in the assessments, so the chances of human judgements and errors are prevented, and candidates are evaluated on their true abilities.

Ease of Accessibility

Gamification based assessments or gamified assessments can be taken on mobile, tablets, and desktop screens. These assessments have a friendly and game-like interface and keep the candidate engaged and amused so that they take it to the completion anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, some candidates lose their interest to apply for a job that requires long traveling to appear for the test and interview process. Some are time bound so they cannot appear in the interview at a given time. With an online software Development  based screening of candidates, these issues can be avoided.

Candidates can appear in the assessment while sitting at their homes in their comfort zones. This allows them to give their full potential, and thus their abilities are judged correctly with any external influence. The feasibility of a comfortable place and time keeps the candidate encouraged to give their best. To infer, gamified assessments are providing the employers a reliable platform of recruitment with ease of use and an impeccable candidate experience.

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