Ria Serebryakova Talks to us about Modeling and Why She Loves it

Russian model, Ria Serebryakova started her career at the age of 18 after being scouted there. Since then she has worked around the world as a runway model, appeared in campaigns and has been featured in popular magazines. What we love about the 1.79 meter fresh faced beauty from Russia is that she never plays difficult to get when we approach her for an interview.

We caught up on a quiet afternoon in New York, and as the weather is steadily getting colder, she looked stunning wrapped up in her colorful woolen poncho-styled wrap.

On being asked about her poncho, which we loved

“Well, I can’t tell you where it was bought from because I don’t know. A dear friend brought it for me as a gift after an overseas assignment and it’s perfect for this time of the year.”

On what she loves most about modeling

“The excitement about where my assignment will take me. Part of being a model is that not all your jobs are scheduled ahead of time. We sometimes get a call that can take us somewhere new or to do an assignment with someone new. Both are exciting to me.”

On what she hates about modeling

“There isn’t anything that I hate as such. The work hours can be long and unpredictable so I could say that for some girls that may be a problem. I have never had a problem with waking up early or going to bed late, so I easily adapt to the requirements of any job.”

On whether it’s easier to do photo shoots or to walk the catwalk for a fashion show

“I personally love both, but fashion shows are definitely harder work. The preparations start days before and on the day the pace is frenzied from early in the day and often continues way past the event.”

On moving to New York

“I was only 19, and I must admit that even though I was scared, I had never lived in a city this big before. Of course, as expected by everyone that knows me, I instantly fell in love with the place. The vibrancy of New York cannot be felt in any other city.”

On what she feels her biggest achievement is

“That is a difficult one to answer because I feel honored to have worked for so many wonderful brands, photographers, stylists and fashion editors in my career so far. When I look back, I do that often, the first thing that comes to mind is my first ever fashion week in Paris. There I was, this young inexperienced, and in my opinion, unsophisticated girl, and I was chosen to do Miu Miu exclusive. It was thrilling to walk that catwalk with those lovely clothes.”

On whether she still feels that thrill at catwalks now

“Always, it doesn’t matter which fashion week I am attending, whether it is in Paris, Milan, New York or anywhere else, it is exhilarating to show off the new outfits that all the designers to a live audience. At fashion shows one sees and appreciates all the hard work put in by the designers and their teams to create their beautiful pieces, and we, the models are the lucky ones that get to show the finished pieces off to the public.”

On where she likes to wind down

“I love to be near water and hearing its sound, it totally relaxes me. It doesn’t matter if it’s by the river, the ocean or a lake.”

On what advice she would give to young girls considering a career in modeling

“The best product that they can sell is themselves and their natural beauty. In order to be successful as models, it is important that they embrace what they look like and show that they are confident.”

On whether she would change anything on herself

“As I said, modeling is all about being confident in who you are. I don’t see anything that I would like to change when I look in the mirror. I embrace my features and when I am not working I dress with clothes that I feel comfortable in and wear minimal make up. I always take care of my skin though and never neglect the basic 3-step routine and I never go without sunscreen during the day.”

When we are with Ria, we always feel that time passes way too fast, but we are sure that we will soon have another opportunity to catch up with her and her latest projects.

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