WiSolar Expands its Business in South Africa; Integrates Hybrid Solar Electricity into New Build outs and Residential Estates

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The clean alternative energy company, WiSolar, has established its offices in Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa. WiSolar is popular in South Africa for installing affordable and environment-friendly rooftop solar projects for different loads. South Africa is best known for receiving plenty of sunlight during the whole year. And installing rooftop solar projects is allowing the nation to save energy and environment together.

WiSolar is also integrating hybrid solar electricity into new build outs, estates, and residential property so clients can purchase homes with their own baked in electricity. Lifetime expected usage of their solar electricity system before replacement of components is 20 years, which is giving the customers a great opportunity to cut out their electricity costs.

The company is operating as an end-to-end customer-oriented company that is focused on the marketing, trading, supply, and distribution of solar energy across the country.

It is providing upgradeable solar electricity packages and is starting the franchise in South Africa. Tonye Irims is the Executive director at WiSolar. He said in a news interview that the company is showing various options to the customers regarding solar electricity. And the company’s client base includes residential, commercial and industrial entities.

WiSolar is offering different kinds of solar energy solutions that are designed by some of the most skilled and experienced scientists and engineers. It is using advanced technologies to revolutionize solar power.

The company is allowing its clients to monitor power generation and usage through WiFi mobile and tablet apps. The solar panels installed by the company are powered with a hybrid inverter, and lithium-ion batteries. There are many issues that are threatening the planet in the form of global warming and climate change. Cleaner energy is the only way that could help the earth to survive in the energy-demanding era. And WiSolar is doing the same thing to provide clean and affordable energy to the consumers.

In addition to providing solar electricity, the company is now also planning to open a solar academy to train solar engineers next year. This would be a next big step in the growth of the company, and it would also contribute a great deal to the growth of solar powered energy and solar engineers in South Africa.

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