New iPhone Mockups Available for the Latest iPhones

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Apple recently launched its much-awaited iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Despite many memes making fun of the three-camera mobile phone, devoted Apple users are actually very excited to get their hands on the latest tech upgrade. Of course, despite the new phones available through online order, thousands of people still enjoy lining up at Apple stores to be the first to get the gadget. It’s tradition, they say.

But before the new products were available for purchase, creative people online have already created various iPhone mockup designs that can be used for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XR—all within days of the new phones being presented to the public.

This is what it means to live in the digital world. Everything is so fast-paced. It is great for designers of websites, web pages and mobile applications. For businesses, it is a lot of pressure. Nobody wants to be left behind. So businesses want to make sure their online presence is updated and that includes having relevant designs.

New iPhone mockup for the new iPhones

Courtesy of Zee Que, some iPhone 11 mockups are already available via The mockups are high-detailed and are available in PSD and AI.

If you are a web or mobile app designer, what better way to show off your output or app design than through the latest iPhone models. This just shows that you are keeping up with the current trends and you compete to provide the latest development in technology. So the awesome iPhone will be the best canvas as you demonstrate your mobile landing pages, applications or games and other creative digital ideas.

The mockups were made with carefully designed PSD files to make editing easy for every designer. Details include layered PSD mockup with smart object insertion. This will allow you to edit from the layers without affecting the original form. These are available in free PSD.

Mockups are also available in AI, which has slowly been introduced to mainstream design because of the sophistication within technology interfaces. AI is certainly making interface smart and simple, which makes them so much easier to use.

Glimpse into the latest iPhones

Millions streamed the launch of the new iPhones. The introduction of the upgraded mobile technology is an annual extravaganza for Apple stans. Apple welcomed to its family the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

First of all, it is worth noting that the new iPhones come in beautiful colors: white, green, purple, red (two variations) and yellow—the most variety of colors Apple has ever launched. People immediately made fun of the three-camera system, but experts are already saying that the new set of iPhones is the best performing smartphones in the world.

Here are some of the things we know from the iPhone preview:

  • Can resist dust, water and falls
  • A13 bionic chip, which means fast and power efficient
  • best cameras, and there are three of them

If Apple fans were excited for the launch of the new iPhone models, October is another reason to celebrate as reports have it that Apple is also expected to launch new iPad models. According to The Verge, the new iPad Pro will also feature three cameras.

More iPhone mockups for older models

But just because there are new iPhone models out there, it doesn’t mean that the older models are no longer useable. Not all people are going to upgrade their phones, so the older models—from iPhone 6 to iPhone XS or whatever—will continue to abound. Also, that is really not the issue. The best part about Apple products is that they work seamlessly, no matter what kind of Apple gadget you have: iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone and the Apple watch.

So there are other free mockups available online that will fit any of your Apple technology as well as any of the other iPhones. For hero images, the clay mockup is always best. The white or black background gives a minimalist vibe that is elegant and very professional.

Most of the iPhone X clay mockup templates available online are in smart objects so that it would be easy for you to customize the banner. Make sure you find a mockup with high resolution like those available via Ramotion.

Digital agency Ramotion has its own store that provides 10 PSD and 2 Sketch mockups to help designers showcase their aps on the App Store. As in any clay mockups in the market, they are available in either white or black colors. The files are 100% scalable and Smart objects are included.

The available mockups are the following:

  • iPhone X Clay White Portrait Left PSD
  • iPhone X Clay White Portrait Right PSD
  • iPhone X Clay White Isometric PSD
  • iPhone X Clay White Perspective PSD
  • iPhone X Clay Black Isometric PSD
  • iPhone X Clay Black Perspective PSD
  • iPhone X Clay Black Portrait Left PSD
  • iPhone X Clay Black Portrait Right PSD

Flat designs

When you want to showcase your user interface, a flat design could achieve your goal. In the design world, flat designs are usually referred to as the boring design. This is why it is perfect to show off your graphic user interface skills because that will be the highlight of the mockup.

Sometimes, the use of depth and gradients make up the beauty of the design. But when you use flat designs, your creativity truly flows.

But of course, some designs just really call for photorealistic iPhone. It is just a matter of distinguishing when you need photorealism or the flat designs. Of course, photorealism works best when you are trying to showcase or demonstrate a mobile game.


Typically, the iPhone is too small a screen to showcase stationery mockup. But the online world is a treasure trove of iPhone mockup templates. So just find some designs that would do well in the iPhone screen. The stationery mockup is important if you want to present a design geared more toward the branding aspect of a company.

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