Sellers can soon Ship Facebook Marketplace Items Across Continental US

Sellers on the Facebook Marketplace will soon be able to ship their items to people living anywhere in the continental US. And the people will be able to make payments directly through the Facebook platform.

Currently, sellers are only able to ship products nearby. But with Facebook’s latest announcement, they would be able to expand their customer base by reaching out to far away people as well. Same goes to the buyers too. They would also be able to view a wide variety of items and products, and hence would have a wide range to choose from.

A seller will have only 24 hours to accept or reject a request, whenever a buyer places the order. Once they accept, they would then see the shipping details. And while placing order, a buyer can choose from the list of shipping carriers that the seller would provide. The carriers would be listed along with the price details based on the weight of the package.

According to, which is one of the leading providers of blank shipping label sheets, this move by Facebook will bring a major revolution in the eCommerce sector. Where currently it had local classified focus, it would later on cater to the entire of US. With this, it would come head to head with other eCommerce giants like eBay and Amazon.

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