The Delicate Balance of Mentoring with Alan J. Omar

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” – Steven Spielberg

Mentoring is a collaborative and reciprocal relationship between a junior and senior employee for the mentee’s learning, career development, and growth. Most of the time, the mentee and mentor are in the same organization. Importance is placed on culture, organization and career goals, work-life balance, and professional development advice. Alan J. Omar is an investor, entrepreneur, businessman, and real estate developer. Omar has helped companies successfully make their way in various countries by offering them support, guidance, and mentoring.

It is crucial to understand that mentoring can be informal and formal. In informal environments, mentees frequently set goals; however, they are not measurable, and relationships are not structured. As far as formal mentoring is concerned, there are measurable and actionable goals set with determining requirements. Born on the 2nd of February, 1983 in Selemani, Kurdish Region, Iraq, Omar is a US national. He got a job as a construction worker in the Netherlands when he was only 15. The unique thing about Omar is that he not only worked with persistence but also analyzed that experience is the key to success. In 2015, at the age of 32, Omar went back to school. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with Majors in Finance and Accounting.

Having analyzed that experience is the key to success, Omar demonstrates why mentoring is so significant through his example. Great mentors help mentees work and help them become successful in learning new skills, making better decisions for their careers, and developing greater confidence. In the same way that mentoring helps mentees, it also helps mentors. For instance, mentors have reported various benefits such as expanded perspectives, satisfaction from seeing others develop, strengthening skills, and experiencing new insights and ideas.

In 2000, Omar moved to the United States. He started with different types of jobs in merchandising stores such as clothing brands and supermarkets. However, Omar knew that he was doing everything to gain experience and cover his bills. As time went by, he looked for work that enhanced his passion and interest as he moved forward.

In 2005, Omar laid the groundwork for “The Capital Gate.” Not only this, but he also constructed the establishment with remarkable tact and focused on adequately diversified venture funds that offer steady and long-term value.

In 2014, Omar sold his first licensed Seva Market & Deli retail station in Manassas Park, Virginia. His success can be assessed by the lucky spots that he has attained in leading corporations globally. As a board member of the Global Diplomatic Center (GDC), his role is critical. He counsels the administration team in organizational development, management structure, and strategic financial guidance. In addition, he has also served as a board member on IraqAid. This nonprofit organization believes in giving opportunities to those in need and motivates economic development.

What makes Omar stand out is how he has acted as a force of change in the corporate world. It is not difficult for one to imagine him as someone who has gained an experience of a lifetime, is resilient, and is humble. Omar’s resilience can be seen in how he stayed an athlete in Soccer and Table Tennis in Kurdistan, Netherlands, and the USA, from ages 10 to 19.

It is common to see successful people become full of themselves. Still, Omar has always acted as a guide and mentor for people who wish to be known. People indeed start doubting their abilities, but Omar is one person who has always stayed encouraging and consistent. His attitude is the secret behind his success. From being a construction worker to becoming a business tycoon, Omar is indeed an inspiration for people who wish to be highly successful.

Success is never easily acquired. It requires a significant amount of consistency and hard work. There will be moments when one would find no way out. However, this is the time when it is crucial to understand that everyone is moving at their own pace. Omar has remained steadfast throughout his career and has properly explored all of his options before pursuing his passion. The unique thing about Omar is that he has consciously decided his career path. It is a fact that great things require determination, persistence and take time to happen. Omar’s journey is rewarding as it is a beacon of hope for all ambitious business apprentices. Alan J. Omar is extraordinary because he has made people learn from difficult times to trust themselves.

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