Unraveling the Secret of Alan J. Omar’s Success in the Business World

Success in the business industry does not come easily. Majority have started their own ventures, while others have created or are running businesses; the competition gets tougher by the day. Each person working in the corporate sector has their own pace and journey to success. Some play smart, while others take the longer route to the top. Either way, there is no exact guide to success, as it is always a gamble – unexpected and unpredictable.

While many success stories have been shared over time, there is one that is yet to be covered; Alan J. Omar. An ordinary person with extraordinary dreams, the journey of Omar’s success is truly inspiring. Emerging from Selemani, Kurdish Region in Iraq, he has proven to be a visionary businessman and a promising entrepreneur.

There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

– Colin Powell

Powell’s quote perfectly defines Omar’s journey. Being a man of action, Alan Omar never opted for shortcuts and smart work options. For him, hard work, patience, and resilience were the key factors to reach the top. He was aware of the fact that education was the foundation to excel in anything. Having a clear and determined mindset from the start allowed him to make smooth academic choices. Omar obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a major in finance, and a minor in accounting. By choosing his subjects, it was clear that he wanted to build a career in the finance world.

Alan J. Omar did not wait for his studies to be over. His passion and love for working made him bag his first job as a construction worker back in Holland at the age of 15. Although an insignificant role and a meager position, Alan was more than thrilled to earn and learn something new. This is how his journey in the business industry began.

Started from the Bottom Now Here We Are

Born on February 02, 1983, this Kurdish-American immigrant is now an entrepreneur, investor, real estate developer, and businessman. He came from humble beginnings, and before starting his venture, Omar worked as a consultant to foreign companies interested in entering the Kurdish- Iraqi market for commodity trades, crude oil, liquid natural gas, and other petroleum-based products. In his consulting experience, he saw a lack of financial resources available to investors in developing countries. Alan Omar analyzed the future of the financial world and was inspired to start his own venture.

Omar then laid the foundation for “The Capital Gate,” a private equity firm building its foundation in the United States and providing an avenue to investors globally. He built the company strategically and focused on low-risk, well-diversified investment funds that provide long-term, consistent returns.

Today, he is the founder and CEO of The Capital Gate, based in Virginia, USA. Alan Omar is known for his expertise in real estate developments, gas stations, and the investment industry. He serves as a board member and strategic advisor to Global Diplomatic Center (GDC).

In addition to this, Alan J. Omar is also the founder of Seva Market & Deli, a licensed brand in the petroleum industry that operates three separate business departments consisting of a convenience store, fuel station, and fast-food deli. He has an extensive amount of experience in managing fuel stations, mini markets, and mechanic shops. Over the years, his goal was to build a licensed system that could provide a roll-out concept, a brand, and management experience to entrepreneurs looking to break into the gas station industry. Most importantly, he aspired to help other entrepreneurs avoid making costly mistakes due to the lack of resources and guidance for small business owners. In 2014, he sold his first licensed Seva Market & Deli retail station in Manassas Park, Virginia.

Alan J. Omar’s success can be estimated by the prominent positions he has secured in leading businesses worldwide. His role as an advisor to Global Diplomatic Center (GDC) is of great importance as he advises the management team in the areas of management structure, organizational development, and, most importantly, strategic financial guidance. He also serves as a board member on IraqAid, a nonprofit organization that promotes economic development. His journey may have been slow, but it has surely been rewarding. His success story needs to be known by every aspiring business student so that they believe in themselves and make the most out of opportunities, regardless of socioeconomic background or circumstances

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